In the era of #MeToo, when it finally feels OK to discuss sexism in academe with my male colleagues, I wasn’t sure how to handle this conversation with the journal editor. I had intentionally avoided referencing this particular professor’s work because he’s been fairly awful toward me and other women — although just a sexist jerk, not a sexual harasser.

Here’s a question we haven’t asked about structural sexism in academe: Do we still keep citing the scholarship of serial harassers and sexists? Within their institutions, they may finally get the fate due to them (or not). But their citational legacy will live on, sometimes even in the form of the pro-forma citations that reviewers expect to see in a manuscript, and ask for if they don’t.

Should We Still Cite the Scholarship of Serial Harassers and Sexists? – The Chronicle of Higher Education (via the-grey-tribe)

How to tell whether you’re in a hard or soft discipline: If the authors bad opinions make their paper unworthy of citation, you’re in a soft discipline.

While Karen sees herself as a unique individual, Joan sees Karen as a white individual.
The episode highlights Karen’s white fragility. She is unable to see herself in racial terms.

How White People Handle Diversity Training in the Workplace (via the-grey-tribe)

I feel like we *just* spent two generations desperately trying to teach white people not to think of themselves as white. It doesn’t go so well when the people in power consider themselves substantially different from the subaltern.

To elaborate: people get awfully upset about Boltzmann brains in general, because [disparaging comment about the average human’s philosophical ability].

let Hiram Maxim handle that debate at six hundred words per minute.

Also I am maybe too damn proud of myself for coming up with this line.

ah so you want a fair fair market, with stuff like rigorous anti-power-to-instate-fair-markets etc.

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Hot take: plastic surgery is a transhumanist act

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I feel like “every so often, I get the urge to drag someone into a cave and show them something unspeakable” is something that’s okay for a paleolithic cave art expert to say, but like, absolutely no one else