Washing clothes

These are the Rules, as taught by my mother, as taught by her mother.

The rules can be deviated from once you have experience. Some of the common deviations are described at the bottom of the post with a footnote.

The rules all have reasons. Some reasons are complicated and will get skipped. Others get marked with a footnote.

The purpose of these rules are: Avoid unhygienic situations, avoid damaging clothes by exposing them to too-high temperatures, avoid mis-colored clothes by mixtures that are more likely to stain or by temperatures that are too high for the dyes.

For all cloth: Wash inside-out with zippers/buttons etc. closed.[0]

For all cloth: Wash before use at 30°C.[1]

Grouping by colors:

Clothes come in 4 colors, detergents in 4+1. Clothes are “Light, Dark, Red, Color,” and the +1 detergent is Bleaching White. Cloth is considered “light” if it is white, or if it could be mistaken for white in bad lighting or by somebody with a limited color vocabulary. Dark clothes same rule except “black” instead of “white.”

Clothes that have more than 50% non-light color are not light.[2]

Clothes that have more than 10% red are are red.[3]

First time wash: Alone, or with extremely similar colors, even if it doesn’t warn you to wash only with similar colors.

Second time and on: How much you split your wash up or join it together depends on how great a hurry you’re in and what detergents you have.

At the very basic, get two separate detergents – “white” and “color.”

Whites are to be washed separately. Dark can be grouped with either “Red” or with “Color,” and does not need to be considered a separate color until later.[4]

Caution: Bleaching White detergent is only for actually-white clothes, others should be washed with non-bleaching white or (if you accidentally only purchased bleaching white) with color detergent.

Once you have Color and Non-bleaching White, supply up with Dark, Red and Bleaching White detergents as fits your wardrobe.[5]

Grouping by temperature:

Underwear: At least 60°C, no matter the color, material or what the label says.[6]

Linen: 60°C.

Very dity linen: You can go all the way up to 90°C if white, otherwise wash at 60°C but for longer.[7]

Cotton: 30°C if non-white, otherwise 60°C if white.

Very dirty cotton: You can go all the way up to 60°C

Synthetics: 30°C

Very dirty synthetics: 30°C, but for longer.

Wool: 30°C at most, see if your washing machine has an actual wool program, unless you are washing wool underwear in which case 60°C. Do not centrifuge wool.

Silk: I am unfamiliar with silk. I will instead link to this:
and ask you to pay attention to the fact that this is not hygienic. Do not purchase silk underwear.

In order of durability, Linen > cotton > synthetics > wool > silk. Some wools can endure washing machines, others cannot. I generally treat all wools like they’re synthetics, from the principle that I was never going to hand wash them anyway so worst case I cannot wear them because they’re ruined, same situation as before when I couldn’t wear them because they were dirty. This has so far ruined exactly zero wool garments for me but you should be aware of the possibility. Wool that you cannot endure losing (gift from your dead grandmother or w/e) you should hand wash using special wool soap.

[0] Washing machines exert wear on your clothes. You turn them inside-out so the wear is on the side that isn’t visible. You close buttons/zippers so they don’t get caught on each other and exert even more wear, and so they don’t knock into the cylinder and make noise.

[1] The first wash is to get rid of excess dye, chemicals used in cothing production, pesticides used while growing the materials etc. It shouldn’t be necessary but unfortunately it often is.

[2] The reasoning is that almost any colors can stain white, so don’t throw them into your whites wash. This is one of the rules that some experience can tell you when to ignore – in particular, if you have e.g. a white shirt with blue stripes, if the blue stripes aren’t miscoloring the rest of the white shirt, they probably will also not miscolor your other whites.

[3] The reasoning is that red can stain many other colors, so don’t throw them into your other-colors wash. Same deviation as above – if the red accent on a partially red garment isn’t staining the rest of the garment, it probably also will not stain your other garments. Just be very careful mixing reds with whites.

[4] Red+Dark is allowed because red staining does not show on dark clothes. Dark+Color is allowed because Dark and Color are washed exactly the same unless you have dark detergent or a dark program on your machine.

[5] Bleaching white is basically for white linen that has a tendency to acquire a yellowish sheen even when clean, but can be used for other completely-white clothes.

[6] You want it at 60 degrees to kill bacteria. If you have synthetic, silk or wool underwear, the label may warn you that this will ruin your underwear. This does not mean you wash synthetic/wool underwear differently, it means you should buy cotton underwear.

[7] High temperatures can be murder on colors

Where can we find your source code, and if the answer is “nowhere”, then why do you call yourself FOSS?

Strong traditional scandinavian name



Means “river,” except not like e.g.

Mississippi is a river, slow and meandering. Instead, a raging torrent through the mountains – this is Kjosfossen (The Kjos River) in Norway:


So that’s what “FOSS” is.

I have a joke on shieldfoss.tumblr.com:

My social media strategy did not include a Tumblr slide yet here we are.

Except that’s not really a joke, I did sit down and think through a social media strategy and part of it was the user name. I wrote down several traditionally scandinavian/viking things and combined them. For those names that sounded good I checked if @name was available on twitter and whether name.com was an available domain. If I liked it and I could get the domain and I could get the twitter, it went on a short-list. Shieldfoss won out – I had others I liked slightly more but either the domain or the twitter handle was already in use.

Some other contenders:

To think! I could have been @argumate‘s @ShieldMate if shieldmate.com had been available but alas – it was taken by domain squatters.









So like, where is rationalist adjacent tumblr going after tumblr ends??

tbh i expect that it’s just going to kind of dissolve, or at least fracture

wordpress isn’t good for the kind of community we have, diaspora* kinda sucks, there’s several groups trying to make tumblr-like platforms but i don’t know if any of them are going to be any good or if people will be able to coordinate on one (soup.io kinda sucks too, frinstance)

tumblr is also good at like…  attracting new people who would fit the community, in a way that i don’t think other platforms would be.  and it optionally provides streams of content that aren’t related to the LWsphere, which is probably important too.

Ouch. And I was only just learning the art of knowing people on here. Where else am I going to talk to more intellegent autistic poly nerds? Hopefully at least some relationships survive.

Hmm. If they want to shut it down, maybe they will entertain an offer.

Wait, what’s getting shut down how?

*bangs fists on table*


#lesswrong and #rattumb are already things.  you can go poke at them if you want.

While I don’t think tumblr will get shut down soon, every single thing we could use I could think of:
Wordpress/some other similar blogging platform; too much of an Actual Blog thing
Diaspora; apparently terrible?
LessWrong itself; very Craft, we’re very Community. Also, based on the survey, there seem(?) to be some plans to revive it in some manner probably inconsistent with all of ratt descending on it. Also also, a ghost town at this point.
IRC channel(s); not enough of an Actual Blog thing?
Slack(s); need a specific invite, also not really an Actual Blog thing although that could theoretically simulated with personal channels, eats the archives
Twitter; character limit. We will all die of frustration in five seconds.
Reddit; someone ( @thathopeyetlives?) suggested individual subreddits for each person. This doesn’t sound workable but I don’t really know Reddit, so don’t take my word for it.
Everyone moves to the Bay Area; everyone is basically already there. Zero problems with this one, I propose a migration.

(Some of these I don’t know very well, I’m just going off what other people have said.)

i’m gonna make a thing at some point, when tumblr dies yall can migrate to my thing

#rattumb suffers from the fact that you can get banned from #rattumb. On glorious tumblr, I just don’t follow people I don’t want to read.
















i also don’t like the idea that in the future in a lot of narratives, star trek included, theres no more religion in general??? 

like slow down john lennon we’ve lasted this long i don’t think we’ll be gone in 2234 i want muslim space explorers :((

and c’mon dudes everyone wants to see rabbis arguing about when sunset is *in space*

muslims would definitely do that to lmfao


Or is it never beginning…

imagine ramadan lmao oh my god

I think we’ve found the reason why there are never Jews and Muslims in space…

I’ve always wondered how muslims in sci-fi settings go about praying toward mecca when they’re on the other side of the galaxy. I mean, do they need to be precise about facing mecca, or would it be ok as long as they were facing in the general direction? Because with the distances involved, if you’re facing just slightly the wrong way, you might be praying towards Alpha Centauri instead or something.

Maybe they’d invent some sort of compass that always points exactly towards Mecca.

…man that could be a huge point in the story

Precise, elegant interstellar navigation systems that came about because of Muslim space travelers making scientific breakthroughs in order to create that compass

And the entirety of the rest of the spacefaring world is drastically altered and improved by the research they perform and technologies they create.

And even you were able to pray in the right direction, how would you know when to pray? 5 times a day, right, but what’s a day in space?

ThIs is awesome

I mean, from a Jewish perspective, if you were praying from the other side of the galaxy, it would be enough to pray towards Earth.

Just as when Jews around the world pray towards Jerusalem, it’s enough if you’re west of Jerusalem to pray facing East and if you’re east of Jerusalem West and so on. But really, you’re praying towards the Kotel (Western Wall) and not just towards Jerusalem and Jews in Jerusalem pray towards the wall.

So praying towards Earth, knowing that Jerusalem is in that direction, should be enough.

Maybe same with Mecca?


I just can’t remember it because I just woke up and haven’t had any coffee yet. But, here follows a list of novels that I can think of off the top my head (that is, I can see on my bookshelf) with at least incidental portrayals of Judaism/Islam in the future. (All of these, are to my very much non-Jewish, non-Muslim, non-religious eye, reasonably positive/substantive? That is, the religious identity of a character/group of characters is important to who they are in a non-offensive/stereotypical way. But I might be missing something more subtle than I can detect.):

  • Roma Eterna, by Robert Silverberg
  • Hyperion, by Dan Simmons
  • The Last Colony, by John Scalzi (and I think the two books that come before it, too. I can’t recall if Islam or Judaism get mentioned specifically, but he makes a point of establishing that existing earth religions go out to the stars along with the rest of our culture.)
  • Ender’s Game/Shadow and Sequels. (I hesitate to put these here, because I’m almost positive they’ve got to be offensive to someone. Or possibly everyone. I’ve seriously soured on Orson Scott Card as a writer and human since I was in high school and read these.)
  • I’m sure there are tons more, but I am still sleepy.

reblogging for reference and also because the discussion is awesome

this borders on blasphemous but oh my g o d and what about prophets and sacred places in every galaxy and intERSTELLAR PILGIMAGES

there is at least one important space muslim in accelerando, and weird religious law antics are included

In the Raj Whitehall series by S.M.Stirling and David Drake, the muslims pray towards the site where the colony ship landed because no matter how the planet is turned, that spot is metaphorically closes to earth, IIRC.


It is an ironic twist, given the cultural politics of psychedelia, that drugs should
be a fundamentally authoritarian concept. But there is ultimately no way to
avoid the conclusion. It’s the entire point of Moldbug’s red pill – the idea that the
neoreactionary argument is an inevitable process, and that once you take the pill
you cannot be unconvinced. Or consider Land’s description of the process of
being convinced by neoreaction: “the spirit of reaction digs its Sith-tentacles into
the brain.” (Yes, we’re mixing our franchises now. Clearly our red pill’s more a
drug cocktail.) This isn’t just a neoreactionary thing either – Land’s imagery is
only a few doors down from Terrence McKenna’s suggestion that DMT is an

alien intelligence’s attempt to communicate directly with the human brain, and
we might also point at William S. Burroughs’ allegorization of his heroin
addiction into his paranoid world of linguistic control machines. My point here
isn’t some monstrous offspring of psychedelia; it’s that psychedelic horror is a
real historical phenomenon, and arguably much larger than the cuddly tie-dye
psychedelia of popular culture.

It is probably relevant that my old writing method (and still the most productive one I’ve found) involved consuming immense quantities of tobacco, blacking out at a keyboard for several hours, and waking up to find a complete post that I did not recall writing.

Moldbug and Land both use arguments I’d have used at 13 when I first found Skibet chat:

“You would agree with me if you understood me.”

A++ rhetoric, would use again.


im not gonna do it but there is a good far-right argument for polyamory that no one has made yet

Assuming you mean “should be legal” rather than “is good,” I don’t think this is far-right but it is definitely alt-right:

The government has no legitimate interest in what I am doing with other private consenting citizens.